Jette & Mia H

Great photography in this set, with Jetta’s lovely pale skin and dark hair accentuated against Mia’s slightly darker and very silky skin by the ambient light of the bathroom. Lots of sensual touching and smiles as well, the girls seemed to be at ease with each other in the bathroom, and it’s such a natural place for them to get to know each other with the warm water flowing over their lovely figures and giving giving them lots of pleasure as well. Thanks to the girls and team for this one, and I bet making the video is as much fun for the girls as the photo set.


Lucia & Chen

Sitting next to Lucia and eagerly pressing her lips against her’s, Chen timidly places her hand in her thigh, while Lucia moves her’s towards Chen’s small breasts. Sitting on top of Chen Lucia continues to make out with her passionately, while Chen pulls aside Lucia’s panties uncovering her full bush.
Continuing to undress each other, Lucia stands naked next to the couch. Chen grabs a candle and rubs it firmly against Lucia’s wet pussy before inserting it all the way in as Lucia moans and squirms in pleasure.



Worth the wait ,great curves and and I’ve gotta go back and look again and again and HHhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm В :)+++++++++++++++++++++++++ 🙂



Beatrix was shown peeping around the window in a tight little skirt. She was in adorable pigtails and had a nice body. She came to Abby Winters today to do a shoot. She started by doing a little striptease on the bed. She was shy and cute but I knew she had a dirty side. She took off her short skirt wearing pretty panties. She had amazing blue eyes. She pushed her bottom into the air exposing the roundness. She pulled down her little panties. She was freshly shaved and her pussy was tight. She started teasing herself.



Good gracious she is stunning! Loved her sexy glasses and big, beautiful brown eyes. I would love to see her in another shoot!


Meaty lips

Red-headed Sophia begins to undress, taking her top off as her hands caress her breasts from on top her lace bra. Laying on the couch, she pulls the fabric of her girly panties aside, uncovering her hairy bush as she smiles.
Taking her panties off, Sophia turns around on lays on all fours on the couch, reaching with her hands towards her bum, she spreads her bum cheeks apart exposing her tight anus and slowly moves her hands towards her labia, pulling and twisting it aside in numerous way


Nadia A

Nadia is a little different to most girls, she’s got a thing for tattoos and hardcore, metal music. She’s a sexy little thing though, Nico says this is her favourite shoot so far and it’s going to be in Vice Magazine. Nice one girls!